USB Duo LED Flexible Laptop Study Light

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  • Squinting at your finger placement in low light makes you wonder, “What good is a laptop I can’t use?” The 2-LED USB Light is a portable computer light that plugs into a standard USB port. This model is the brightest in our USB line and it’s serious about helping you focus. Two LEDs shine a mini spotlight across your keyboard, paperwork, and that cup of coffee you’ll need if you’re working late again.

    The neck is totally flexible and folds up into any compact shape for your computer bag or hand bag. LEDs are rugged and energy efficient, making the light a sound investment – more necessity than accessory. You’ll be using your laptop the way you always imagined- that is, whenever you want.

    • Two energy-efficient LEDs cast bright white light
    • Lumens 12
    • Durable LEDs last 50,000 hours - no replacement necessary
    • Use one or two LEDs by tapping button
    • Precisely engineered optical grade lens spreads light evenly
    • Adjustable neck holds the light securely in place
    • Light easily folds into ultra-compact shape for convenient storage
    • Fits any standard USB port
    • No batteries required
    • 13.75" (349mm) x 0.25" (6mm) x 0.5" (12mm) (Length x Height x Width)