Recharge LED Dual Flex Book Light With USB

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  • reCharge ushers in a new era of book lights, changing the way book lovers read everywhere.

    With its slim body finely crafted of matte silicone, reCharge fluidly bends in any direction to cast a bright white beam wherever needed. Its two LEDs provide ample brightness while its petite clip firmly grasps book pages.

    The eco-friendly recharge has a 10 hour battery life and charges via an included micro USB cable.

    • Two energy-efficient LEDs for high and low light output
    • 50,000 hour lifetime LEDs - no replacement necessary
    • Lumen output: 10 / 2 (high/low)
    • Battery life: 10 / 60 hours (high/low)
    • Constructed of flexible and durable Silicone and ABS plastic
    • Dual flex neck bends in virtually every direction
    • Sturdy clip firmly affixes to pages
    • Low battery life indicator light (10%)
    • Micro USB recharging cable included
    • Full recharging time: 1 hour
    • L 250mm x W 27mm x H 21mm